My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen

hi Michael,very interesting that you have stopped washing your face and just use lotion,please let us know what lotion you use,I’ve stopped washing my face in the morning and stopped using restoraderm as I found it non responsive,I’m just using selsun shampoo on my face that has cleared me up of redness,I have also booked into see a gastroenterologist next month,I will report back after I see him,think my alcohol consumption a week ago contributed to my recent outbreak,hard to know really. Great to read these posts.

Thank you for your quick reply. Have you ever heard of people that cured this disease for good ? Is it possible that someday it will be gone ? Another thing is don’t you think that we could contact scientists or finance some study via crowdfunding or anything else ? I mean we are in 2015 and doctors are not yet sure about what causes the SD

I am also very interested by your book. I think I will try the cetaphil moisturer.

Once again thank you for your help and for what you are doing !

Yeah, sounds like all those things are acting sinergysticall. Currently, my research has been quite progressive and I’ve obtained a much more complete understanding of how SD works. However, the underlying issues can still vary from person to person. This makes it hard for medical professional to prescribe specific strategies for dealing with SD. The most approachable way for treatment is topical control, as it has fairly high success rates. The “find the route cause” approach requires quite thorough examinations and testing, thus it seems that it doesn’t really make sense for them to treat it in this way.

However, it all has to do with malfunctioning sebum production (can be caused by a variety of factors) and/or dysbiosis of the bacterial population of the skin. These are both extremely hard and costly to test and treat on an individual basis.

Look forward to hearing about your results from the gastroenterologist.

Will also send you all the stuff I currently have written for the book in the next week or so.

Best of luck!

Hi Mark,

The lotion I actually made myself. Found a local chemist and ordered all the ingredients that the Resotoraderm moisturizer has and started testing various combinations on my face. The formulation I have now is only 3 edible ingredients and it’s been working great. Hoping to get some packaged and send out samples to the community soon. Will let you know once I have an update.

Look forward to hearing how the gastroenterologist goes. I’m actually planning to schedule an appointment myself.
Even though my skin has been good it would be interesting to see how that goes.

All the best mate. PS> I sent you an invite on Google Hangouts. If you want we can chat briefly.

Hi Antoine,

Yeah, I’ve seen online reports and there are cases where it goes away completely in some of the medical literature I’ve been going over.
Sometimes something small can really set of the immune system and causes either messed up sebum composition (which causes topical infection and irritation) or simply a shift in the complex eco-system of the skin.

Will update once the book is ready.

And it seems that medical literature does have an understanding of what SD is. It’s just that that interrelation between us and the bacteria world is so complex that it becomes difficult to create a one fits all solution.

Also, I’ve made my own lotion. It’s been working really well for me. Would be interesting to see if it would as well for others.

All the best and thanks for the positive feedback :).

Thank you one more time Michael. What you are doing is fantastic. Your answer made my day especially when you say that the medical literature contains cases of complete healing. I hope it will be the case for all of us.

I am looking forward to read your book and to have more information of your mixture.

Once again thank you very much Michael.

Hi Michael,

I wanted to tell you that I found something called “eau de Quinton” or Quinton Water in english I guess. Basically it is sea water. It is named after a french biologist who cured many diseases by giving people sea water for some days. The results are impressive according to what I found on the internet. It seems very basic said like that but I’m thinking of trying this method. I would have liked to know if you already tried this or if you have ever red something on this cure ? It is not made especially for SD but I think it could help. You will find the Quinton’s theory and researches on internet.

Hope it can help


Hi Michael,


HI Antoine,

Just checked it out. Honestly, I think it’s more of a scam than anything. What’s the difference between this and drinking spring water? Spring water has trace minerals as well… Also, in their product description they say the stuff is obtained from a plankton vortex? :slight_smile:

The theory and marketing strategy for these types of products has been around for quite a while. For example here are colloidal minerals which employee a similar tactic.

However, I have researched mineral deficiency in the past. One item you might want to check out is Shilajit. This stuff actually has a substantial amount of medical research behind it (most, if not all, appear to be animal based though). At-least this stuff has been around for quite some time and used by a ton of people… When I tried it, I didn’t see too much benefit for my skin, but maybe a slight improvement in overall energy (may simply have been placebo effect).

In the end though, I think that people with SD are extremely prone to making these types of mistakes (buying anything that promises to be a complete cure). I believe the most rewarding approach is through knowledge and understanding of our own bodies and skin. Once you understand how everything is suppose to function it becomes easier to identify potential problem areas and evaluate potential treatment approaches. I’ll send you the book once it’s ready, it really dives deep into a variety of subjects.

Hope that helps mate. All the best.

Hi Michael,

Here is Brazilian guy with a new nickname. I found some information about Lithium gluconate 8% as an effective treatment for seb derm. Have you heard of it?

These are the articles i found:

If you are able to read in french you can find more info in french seb derm forums, it seems that many have benefit from lithium gluconate topical solution. In France they sell a product for seb derm called Lithioderm, a commercial name for Lithium gluconate 8%, thats why it’s so popular over there.

Have you heard about it Antoine?

All the for all of you!

Hi Pedro,

Yeah, I’ve read about it previously. However, I haven’t tried it.
Here is a snippet that summarizes some of the main research behind it:

Lithium Salts Both lithium succinate and lithium gluconate have demonstrated effectiveness in treating seborrheic dermatitis, probably due to their anti-inflammatory effects. Lithium succinate 8% ointment was investigated twice-daily (for a total of 8 weeks) and showed significantly greater efficacy than placebo (source). It has also been used successfully in HIV patients with facial seborrheic dermatitis (source). Lithium gluconate 8% ointment used twice-daily was tested in a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial in 129 patients (source). After 8 weeks, 29.1% in the lithium group and 3.8% in the placebo group had experienced complete remission. Lithium gluconate 8% ointment used twice-daily was 22% more effective than ketoconazole 2% emulsion used twice-weekly in a randomized study of 288 patients (source).

Right now I’ve strictly stopped using everything except water to wash my face. Additionally, I made my own ointment based on all the research I’ve been doing and have been using it daily for the last 2-2.5 weeks. So far the results have been fantastic and my skin got a lot of color back (compared to when I was using Restoraderm).

Additionally, the ointment is even safe for consumption (100% edible and natural). And this was one of my biggest issues with many other products so far, as I’ve always been a little skeptical to what they might be doing long term.

Would you be interested in giving it a try?
Here is the label:

All the best.

Congratulations man, it looks awesome and i’m definitely interested in giving a try. Just tell me how.

Restoraderm has helped, but i still have a sort of pinkness around my nose and occasional red pimples. Now i’m noticing that sun may get things worse, pinkness turns to redness and pimples get pretty visible, nevertheless, when i go to the beach it gets so much better that i even forget about seb derm, maybe because of the sea water? I don’t know.

What i surely know is that seb derm is a very frustrating condition, one day everything is fine and it seems to be gone and shortly after that you face the redness again. But i have hope that we gonna find answers in this community. I’m currently interested in the relation between skin issues and metabolic disorders, hope to find something helpful.

You are doing an amazing job Michael, i have learned a lot with SkinDrone and don’t waste anymore time reading inconsistent forums.

All the best!

By the way, the fact that the ointment is even safe for consumption is all we need. I mean, this is the logic that keeps us healthy, we probably wouldn’t be here if we had follow that road long ago. We can no longer rely on industrialized products, most of them are poison.

Hi Pedro,

Yes I heard about it mainly on french forums. However I have not tried it yet. I think Michael has given you precise information about it. It seems to be used here when antifongic are not really effective. However like for other treatments you find people saying it is not working very well for them. So it is not the miracle solution expected by all of us. I’m going to see two doctors this week. I hope it will help. Michael, is BIOM 8 the name of your lotion ? I would be interested to try it and to read your book. Another question which is important to me: after all the readings you went through do you think that one day scientists will find a cure for good for this shitty SD ?

Thank you one more time Michael for all your work !

Update to my last comment: I just checked again “lithioderm” on french forums and people seem to be mainly happy with the result. Maybe I should give it a try. However it is not very new I found people talking about it in 2007

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the positive feedback. :slight_smile:
Hopefully it’s effective for others apart from just me. Basically, I analyzed and tried different combinations of the Restoraderm ingredients trying to understand how it was helping. Also studied their pattern and basically what I ended up with, is this ointment.

Regarding the sun. Not sure what it was, but it seems like something in the Restoraderm may be adding to the uv sensitivity, as I found this as well. Basically, I had to stay try and stay out of the sun for my skin to remain even toned. However, this ointment I actually use as sun tunning oil and it works great. Skin tone got much darker in the past 2.5-3 weeks.

Yeah, I really think there may be a link to the immune system. But, there are so many factors that come in to play and I believe this is what makes it hard for medical professionals to determine the true cause, as it varies from person to person. In essence, thought it appears that simply something is prevent normal functioning of the immune system, specifically on the oily parts of the skin, and it is not producing everything it needs to protect itself from invaders form colonizing and causing issues.

Thanks again for the kind words.

I’m trying to put all my research into a book. Here are 3 chapters that are ready, but still need lots of proof reading and editing:

Digestion Chapter
Omega Chapter
Skin Chapter

Let me know what you think. All the best mate.
PS. We had a windstorm here so the packaging of the ointment got delayed. Should have some ready to ship early next week.

Hi Antoine,

Yeah, the BIOM8 is something I’ve been working on. No else, but me has tested it yet though. So not sure how effective it will be for everyone. My results have been great though. For about 2.5-3 weeks I’ve only been using it and nothing else. Should have some ready for shipment sometime next week. Will drop you can email once it’s ready.

In terms of a cure, it really depends on how you look at it. SD appears to be more of a symptom than a disease. At it’s most basic level the body is just having issues properly utilizing ingested fatty acids and this results in a faulty skin barrier (skin immunity). As a result of this, the microbiome (bacterial/fungal community) of the skin becomes unbalanced and skin issues appear. The reason it occurs on the face and scalp is that these are the main sebum producing areas, and have distinct bacteria which inhabit them. Hope that makes sense.

The skin chapter of the book I’m currently working on goes into detail on this. (sorry for the formatting, it’s markdown)
Let me know what you think. All the best.

Hi Michael,

I just red the skin chapter of your book. It is really interesting and well explained although sometimes difficult as english is not my mother tongue. I found your theory particulary interesting, you suggest that Malassezia Globosa is more present in skin touched by Seborreic Dermatitis ? And that some microbes in the skin also have a role ? It triggers so many questions, I wish scientists could search harder on this disease.

I searched hard for the last two weeks and I found interesting thing. I also contacted a french scientist who has dermatitis seborreic and used to work for a pharmaceutical lab in Switzerland. He published some study on the seborreic dermatitis and found a way to control it with two products: “massada pain dermatologique” and “massada crème”. I precise that I’m not a scientist nor a doctor and I have not tried these products. The name of this guy is Bernard Sudan. If you read french you can find what he published on seborreic dermatitis and what he thinks of it. Basically he thinks that it is related to some sort of allergy as histamine has been found on seborreic dermatitis skin. He also argues that Lithioderm or sea water is effective to help because salty water restore the conduction between some skin cells (I’m not capable to translate their names nor to explain more into details the mechanism of Sudan’s theory as it is technical and once again I’m not a doctor). But I found his theory interesting because he also mentionned Cetaphil, vineagae or Pytrithione de Zinc saying that these products help to restore conductivty between skin cells.

I am sorry I think it is a bit confused but I want to share this information with you. What he explained makes sense to me and I just hope that we will finally find a cure for this shitty disease.

All the best,


Hi Antoine,

From what I’ve seen so far, they have been researching it quite in-depth. It’s appears that the bacterial/fungal communities can be quite hard to comprehend as a whole system. The interrelation between all of it appears to be the reason. Plus only ~10% of the community appears to be in active at a give time (the rest either dead or dormant), making it hard to really understand the full picture; and this just multiplies the difficulty. This is an interesting video (

Sounds interesting, but I wasn’t able to find too much of his work. Also the skin conductivity concept is new too me. From the majority of my reading, I’m currently at the conclusion that it is directly linked to the sebum composition. And basically the oil rich areas of are skin are unable to properly defend themselves. While, the histamine present appears to simply be a result of the skins reaction to any aggravating microbial/fungal activity in the area.

PS. The ointment is finally ready to go. Just writing more details on how I use it and how it works. So far, I’m the only one that has really used it, so even though it’s been effective for me, its hard to predict how it will work for the majority. If your interested in giving it a try, you can find it at and use the coupon “skindrone”. It should take $10 off of the order, but shipping from Vancouver, Canada can be expensive.

All the best.

Hi,does anybody know if Lithioderm is available in Australia or can it be imported??