My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen 2.0

Hi Tom,

Shipping has typically been about 10-12 business days to international locations.
I’m located in Vancouver, Canada.

PS. Your order was shipped today in the morning.

I heard about it from someone on Reddit. I accidentally stumbled upon him mentioning Seb Derm and we’ve kept in contact over the past few months. We’ve been sharing ideas on how to stop the seb derm. we both have the issue of losing weight as we know sugar and even basic carbs seems to flare it up. He mentioned your product and said it was the best thing he’s tried so far.

Hi Michael,

Is the oil free formula ready for purchase?

Hi Michael, I m sffering with dandruff last from 8 year after my first delivery. But during my second time pregnancy in 2013 I diagnosed with Seb derm. I used steroids.That time was horrible for me because I could find that flacky itchy red greedy skin every where means around my nose, ear, eye brows etc. But after little bit study I tried tea tree oil drops diluted with water. That didn’t work for me but I got some relaxation from inflammation in my scalp. Then I massage my head directly with tea tree oil. I continued this practice for two months mean twice a week I did massage on my head. I got very good results Now i was free with scalp problem.i put that oil directly on my face I got better results but problem is this when I changed my shampoo and used conditioner it came up again. I used Vichy shampoo it is great for Seb derm. So if I don’t use tea tree oil or I changed my shampoo it come in very bad condition. Now suggest me what I do?

Hi Eze,

Thanks for the update and letting me know.

Previously I also had a strong belief that excessive carbs and sugar played a huge role. I was avoiding bread, noodles, rice and lots of other things. Once I started to actually learn about the condition from a medical point of view I became much more flexible in dietary choices.

If you haven’t yet feel free to check out the current chapter drafts for a book I’ve been working on:

Best of luck and hope you get things under control.

Hi Jamie,

It’s ready, but I’m waiting for the first batch of inventory to arrive.
However, I haven’t really been able to test it since my seborrheic dermatitis has gone away from using the original Biom8.

For initial orders I will likely either offer a large discount or simply add it to order of original formula as a sample.

Will update as soon as it’s ready to be shipped.

Hi Nisha,

If you haven’t yet I highly suggest you read through the chapter drafts of the book I’ve been working on:

I believe understanding the condition is the first step to long term treatment.

Tea tree oil wasn’t that great for me. As mentioned in this post the Biom8 has been of the best things I’ve tried.

For the scalp/hair I haven’t had any real issues for more then a year now. This is the shampoo I’ve been using: Andalou Naturals Moisture Rich Shampoo
Randomly a little patch of SD may still pop-up around the hairline, but the Biom8 seems to take care of it really quick.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any updates.

Hi all,

I just found the most important article on treating the cause of skin problems, that I have come across in 10 years.

Clinical and investigative studies confirm that supplementation with a combination of flaxseed, borage and fish oils at the correct dosages during ca two months, is an important step to improving skin texture, skin complexion and the treatment of certain skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis and some cases of acne), due to their effects on promoting the production of prostaglandins PG-1 and PG-3 in the skin.

Processed foods like sugar and alcohol and so on promotes the procuction of PG-2 which makes the skin red, dra, scaly and infected.

I will try to find the correct dosage for this and go for it a few months. Will get back with results.


I really like the Biom8 so far! Just wondering, how does one apply it with makeup? I’m a little nervous about it because I know oil-based makeup makes seborrheic dermatitis worse.


Hi Kay,
I wear makeup to work everyday and have not had any problem using the BIOM8 with it.
What I do is I wash my face with cool water in the morning and apply a tiny bit of BIOM8 as per Michaels instructions while my face is still slightly damp, massaging it in well (my problem skin is around my nose and chin so thats where I put the most BIOM8. I only give my forehead a quick swipe because I find my makeup can get a little shiny in that area if I put too much there). I wait a short while for it to absorb then apply my makeup. I bought the large bottle of BIOM8 (250mls) so use that to remove my makeup as well. Also use it as a moisturiser over my whole body straight after a shower again whilst skin is still slightly damp. I too was told not to use oils on Seb. Derm but find BIOM8 is an exception, my skin is clear after a very long time and has been for approx. 2 months. Good luck :slight_smile: PS. I use an oil free makeup made especially for sensitive skin.

I’m curious, what brand of make-up do you use?
I’m wondering if my make-up/sunscreen ingredients are making mine worse…


I use Clinique Redness Solutions- it’s quite expensive ie AUD $50, but lasts for ages. When I am makeup free I use Cetaphil Suntivity SPF 30 (Face) which also comes in SPF 50. It’s non greasy and paraben free around AUD $15. I’ve tried the other Clinique foundations but have found the a Redness solutions is the only one I don’t react to.

Hi Donna,

Thank you so much for your help! It’s very useful. Just a couple of questions about your routine:

  • Do you use foundation as well as a concealer, and if so, which oil-free brands do you use?
  • When removing the makeup with Biom8, do you just squirt some of it onto a makeup removing cloth or cottonball?

Thanks again, I appreciate it! It’s so great to hear that I can potentially wear makeup again haha.

Hi Michael,

A couple of questions on usage of Biom8. It will help me to decide what size to purchase for the original formula.

Can Biom8 be used as night time cleanser for removal of sunscreen? I read a comment by Donna that she uses it as makeup remover with success.

I use Vit C serum in the day time. Should I put Biom8 before or after Vit C? I know that sunscreen is the last.

Is the oil free formula ready? If I get both how do they work? If I use the original formula, where does the oil free formula come in?

Thanks in advance.
I see 6 different ones here. I know everyone’s skin is different, but if it works for someone with a similar problem, it is a good place to start.

Hi Michael, I have SD on my eyebrows which causes hair loss. I purchased Biom8 and was wondering whether it should stop the hair loss? Did you experience anything like this also? It’s mentioned as well that it makes an excellent tanning oil, what does this mean though if I wanted to apply it to my face only to get rid of the SD on my eyebrows? Also, is there a chance my skin will eventually become immune to this oil or if I stopped using it will the SD perhaps return?
Thank you!

I’m curious if there is a difference in plant based omega 3s and fish based omega 3s.

Hi Kellie,

There is a significant difference between plant based omega 3s and fish based omega 3s.
Here is the relevant snippet out of the Omega chapter from the book I’m working on:

Falling under the classification omega-3s are a large number of specific fatty acids, which we obtain from many different sources.

The most researched of theses are DHA and EPA. These omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained through diet (mainly from seafood) or synthesized within the body from ALA (alpha-linolenic acid - another omega-3). However, the conversion of ALA to to DHA and EPA is not very efficient (conversion efficiency is below 5%). Additionally, the process used for conversion of ALA directly competes with the breakdown of omega-6 fatty acids. As a result, an abundance of omega-6 fatty acids further decreases the efficiency for humans to obtain needed EPA and DHA (from ALA) declines further. Luckily, DHA and EPA can be obtained directly through diet.

Fish and marine products are the best source of DHA and EPA. However, there is significant variant among different fish species. For example, while Pacific Herring can have 1.06g of EPA and 0.75g of DHA per 3 ounce serving, Pacific Cod only has 0.09g of EPA and 0.15 of DHA for the same 3 ounce portion. As a result, some marine products are much better than others for obtaining these fatty acids.

ALA is widely available from plant sources. The most popular of these appears to be Flax Seeds, which contain roughly 50% of its oil composition in the form of ALA. As a result, a single tablespoon of ground flax seed contains about 1600 mg of ALA. At the 5% efficiency level mentioned above, this can be converted to about 80 mg of DHA and EPA, which is actually quite unimpressive. However, the pure oil is a little better as a single tablespoon contains 8.5g of ALA (425 mg ALA and EPA). Some other sources of ALA include:

  • Walnuts (1 ounce = 2.6 ALA)
  • Canola Oil (1 tablespoon = 1.2 ALA)
  • Mustard Oil (1 tablespoon = 0.8 ALA)

However, because these plant sources of omega-3 always contain some quantity of omega-6, the final amount of obtained DHA and EPA is unclear.

The full chapter draft can be found here.
Hope that helps and all the best.

Hi Jamie,

My own approach with it is really simple. Cleanse with slightly cold water and apply Biom8 a few minutes later as a moisturizer.
However, I guess it can be used as a sort of cleanser and washed off with water after it’s usage. Would love to hear your experience with this approach.

What type of Vitamin C serum are you using (ingredients or direct product link)? The composition would determine the order.

The oil free formula will actually be arriving today.
Planning to initially send it out a discounted price in a package with the condition oil (the conditioning oil has had a really impressive success rate, while the oil free formula is brand new).
Can hopefully setup the order page sometime this evening.

When used together the oil free formula would be applied prior to the conditioning oil.
The oil free formula contains ingredients I wanted to originally add to the conditioning oil, but bonding agents and preservatives would have been required.
For this reason the formulas were separated. When used together they should compliment each other (increasing anti-fungal activity and improving skin repair rate).

Hope that helps.

Hi Hakan,

Thanks for the link.

Personally stay away from Curezone as it has provided lot’s of stress and confusion for me in the past.
Having a narrow focus regarding the skin condition has shown to provide little results. A more compounded approach to understanding the unique circumstances of your own health appears to be the key to long term treatment.

Sugar and alcohol are unhealthy in general, but a healthy immune system should have no issues with them.
Too much can degrade the immune system though.

PS. Have tried supplementing with borage, hemp seed flax seed oils. This didn’t produce any results for me.

All the best.