My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen 2.0

I’ve now tried apple cider vinegar on my skin and scalp. It seems to work well. To not make it so sour I’ve blended it with rose water but I guess you could just use water or less vinegar. I read somewhere that sourness keeps fungus at bay. I haven’t done it every night because I forget but I have noticed some difference. But I also beleive the stress factor is a key thing. But do try the vinegar thing. I also use oil on my skin if it feels dry. I clean only with water and oil. Rarely with mild soap.

How did you go? Still clear?

Hello, I’ve had seborrhea most of my life (40+ years). A little over five years ago, I decided to give up on doctors and over the counter fixes … to really pay attention to my flare-up triggers.

My findings were enlightening. I already knew that sd-type alcohols, some emulsifiers/preservatives, hormones, stress and the change of weather affects my flare ups.

What I was also surprised to find it that my extremely sensitive skin reacts badly to nut oils and dietary consumption … I have since limited my intake of meat, sugars, starches and processed foods.

I make 95% of my skin/hair products. It’s just easier since I have so many flare-up triggers. I focus on a combo of humectants, water and oils that vary in concentration based on the product …

I make a 1) facial cleanser & 2) serum, 3) gentle hair cleanser, 4) two conditioners, 5) two styling products (cream & glaze), and 7) a custom body lotion scented with cold-pressed essential oils (to avoid any possible traces of the alcohol that is often used to produce steam processed essential oils).

I joke that I’m high maintenance, but I feel difference of making healthier choices and I’m still wrinkle-free in my early 50’s. I also find that yoga helps me manage my flexibility and stress level.

I’ve been battling this condition my entire teen-adult life. Lately it’s been getting worse and spreading more on my facial area. I’ve used all the shampoos (loprox, nizoral, etc)I’m currently using a sulfur based face wash that’s decent but overall I believe stress has the largest effect on this condition. Any natural remedies/ treatments will be greatly appreciated.

I’m currently holding my redness and inflammation off with Noble Formula 1% Hydrocortisone Cream with .25% Pyrithione Zinc. It works very well after I wash my face, but I am finding the cream is a little too heavy now. I have not tried your oil, but I am interested. My skin cannot handle jojoba oil and I had minimal success with coconut oil, which makes me leery. Any thoughts or suggestions ?

I’ve had seb derm for well over 10 years now, however, looking back it all started when I got braces at 13!!! After doing some research it’s clear the 2 are linked!! I have a nickel allergy as I get a reaction to some jewellery. I recently found out that my permanent retainer contains nickel, and think that this is causing my problems. I’ve ordered a heavy metal testing kit from amazon to check this but I will be getting this retainer removed asap! I never thought we could be allergic to dental products but apparently amalgam fillings are linked to seb derm too!
I have been to countless dermatologists, tried loads of treatments but nothing works. The medical industry need to be more aware of the reaction that dental materials can cause!!


I also have seborrheic dermatitis that mostly flares up on my scalp. The only shampoo that keeps mine at bay is Jason Organics Dandruff Relief. If your current shampoo isn’t working as well anymore definitely give it a try.

I love your website- I am going to give the diet a try.

Thank you!

I think it is so awesome that you make your own products! I would love to learn more about what you make. Could you give me the recipe for your glaze? I have been trying to find a natural one without silicones but I can’t seem to find one, and figure I might just need to make one at home

I think it is so awesome that you make your own products! I would love to learn more about what you make. Could you give me the recipe for your glaze? I have been trying to find a natural one without silicones but I can’t seem to find one, and figure I might just need to make one at home

This is the link where you can buy Biom8

You can try castor seed oil, just put it directly on the brows. It is really oily, and thick, and is supposed to help with growth of the eyebrows and eyelas

Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE Accutane.
PLEASE, I’m telling you, it causes the worst IBS symptoms like chronic diarrhea every day for years. I knew someone who had this start up directly after taking the Accutane, and their brother also developed the same Irritable Bowel Syndrome at the same time while on the medication. I have no idea about its effectiveness at curing acne, let alone SD, but IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK.

I have a Nickel Allergy too and had amalgams for yrs…have u had any changes? Has anything helped?

Thanks for all the great info
I’ll try the honey. I was hoping to cure this at permanently but it doesn’t look too good.

I love this info! Thanks for sharing!! I too have SD with scalp and facial skin breakouts. I wonder if some of the authors could specify what varieties of shampoo they used. They all have a variety, even Clear has 2-3 types. I think I have several of each and none have worked. I might be missing a good one?! I also have an RX for Ketoconzal and it does not work either. The hot oil treatments are helpful but no cure. HELP!

Something you can add to your arsenal.
Pure - Dead Sea Salts - dissolve a tablespoon in a small cup of warm water.
Leave this handy, throughout the day, and apply when you want.
I can kill flare-ups within an hour when applying this solution.
The salts are a miracle worker with Seb Derm flare ups.
The itch will likely subside after 2 or 3 applications of the salts.
The areas heal more rapidly.

As noted though, diet is the main issue for me. I have to be really careful and stay away from too many refined carbs, no refined sugar, and low saturated fat. It is frustrating, but with discipline, it is possible to keep the condition 90% at bay.

I had flareups once every 3-4 days in the mustache,beard nasal area, under the eyes next to my cheeks, GOD it was so frustrating.
i didn’t understood what was happening, i even had a food diet in the past half an year, lost almost 15 kg, everyone was concerned about me. I refused to go out with my friends, tensions have arisen between me and my girlfriend, because i was upset all the time.
After a lot of research, topics and so on, i found on youtube some persons that recomanded biom8.I bought it.
On 4th july 2019 arrived, on 5th i start using it. For now my flareups are gone, some small flakes that i brush in the morning, its a relief. i can smile, i can go out. i wish all the best for you !.we keep in touch!

This formula should be passed for future generations! its a legacy! :slight_smile:

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I would like to know how I could have the ebook in French, I try to translate it on google translation but it does not work.

I would like to know how we use Topical Recovery Spray as well as the Skin Conditioning Oil together, because I have a lot of redness on the face as well as on the cheeks and I would like to make them disappear because it is very handicapping, I am 21 years old and I stopped school because of my SD?

Do you think I should do a blood test as well as an allergy test? Because I was diagnosed with an SD. I heard in some forums that this disease can be due to a lack of vitamin and a test could easily indicate the cause of the problem. I suffer enormously from this disease, my face is completely red and I don’t even dare go outside.

Please help me