My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen 2.0


I never use moisturizers. Just the spray.


Sorry for the late reply, I’ve lately tried Humaworm to see if it would help. I’ve stopped taking MSM but the Humaworm tablets do a similar job in clearing my skin. The hair loss is still the same though unfortunately. I’ve made so many changes to my diet but still it doesn’t seem to do much at curing my problem, but I think I’m controlling it better.

In your first article you mentioned your dislike that people were claiming to have answers by Hawking creams. Looks like that’s exactly what you’re doing here.

Hi Michael,
I just order Biom8 yesterday and hope it will arrive soon. I have a question for you… I think I got SD last Christmas, however i had never known it was SD, just thought it was my skin getting dry due to the weather so I just kept applying moisturizer… When my old moisturizer for oily skin didn’t work anymore, I changed to moisturizer for dry skin. I had to apply a lot of them to make my skin feel less rough. Then i began seeing so much flakes on my skin between eyebrows. I still thought it was my dry skin so I kept applying moisturizer. Now when I got to know it is SD and stop applying cream, the flakes already spread to a much larger area (still between my eyebrows but it travels down to the level of my eyes).

I also see there are a lot of tiny flakes (like small dandruffs) around my mouth that seem to be traveling to my cheeks now. They don’t scale off, they are just tiny like dry skin (but I know it is not dry skin, i believe my eyebrow problem used to be like this at first stage). I don’t know what to do with this? For last few days I just let the flakes on my eyebrow area alone and now they get so dry… i hope they will come off after someday. But how about those tiny white dots (flakes) around my mouth? Should I leave it alone too?

I apply hyaluronic acid (bought from gardenofwisdom) 2 times a day just to keep my skin moistened. I try so hard to keep myself away from touching or scratching the itching area. What I am afraid the most is SD will spread.

Please help :slight_smile:

Hi, sent a comment once but don’t know where it’s gone.
I suffer from SD for almost 6 months now, first I thought it was just because of the weather… The strangest thing is my skin is super oily, and it got super dry after I got this SD.

I just order Biom8, I hope I will get it soon… Could you please tell me how much time it often takes to get to USA? I have never used any topical cream my derm prescribed me as I know they won’t help. I also didn’t apply coconut oil or anything similar, now I’m just applying my usual moisturizer (hyaluronic acid). My skin feels very tight and dry but I don’t want to apply any oil-based moisturizer.

I have some flakes between my eyebrows. When I apply moisturizer this flaky patch seems to be hidden but at the middle of day the flakes start showing up and the skin there gets so red. For last 4 days I want to see how it is without moisturizer. It’s now not red anymore but very scaly. The scales seem to be thicker now. Do you have any idea when it will scale off by itself?

I also have tiny flakes above my mouth and along my nasal fold. What should I do for now? I’m so confused… If I apply something too oily it can help with tightness and dryness but it might spread the seborrhea. If I don’t, the skin feels too dry for me.

Thank you!

Hi guys, new to the website, but what a great website it is. Loads of concise info and advice.

I have had SD for a couple of years, currently only around my nose. I know that it appears there are definitely different triggers of SD and probably different compositions of it which is why some people have success with some treatments and not others.

I seem to really suffer in the winter, in the last 3 winters I have had IBS, ( I am in the UK so it gets cold !!) Then 2 years ago, I got the rash on the face.
I have a stressful job which sees me sat at a computer for hours on end so when I read this website, I literally was a walking time bomb for this condition, stressful job, no sunlight, issues with digestion.

I have decided to see this is a positive turning point in my life, improve my diet, reduce my stress, get more time outdoors which will ultimately hopefully lead to get rid of my SD. I think Michael you are definitely right about a lot of it being to do with your thoughts, if I spend a lot of time worrying about the rash or even staring in the mirror looking at it, I can physically make it’s appearance worse just by doing this.

I have a question, I went on holiday last week to a much warmer climate. I got there about 5pm, had one meal, a quick dip on the pool. By the middle of the next morning so I had been there for less than 24 hours, my SD had 95% cleared up !! I know there are a lot of theories about different water, or food, or the sun helping with SD but I don’t think I was there long enough for this to kick in so quickly. So my theory is the stress reduction. Anyone have any thoughts on this ? Also does anyone else have IBS, I wonder if this is common in people with SD, thanks for listening,

hi all, new to the site. Great info and lots of positive posts. I have had SD for about 2 years and I agree, a load of misleading info on the net. What has worked for me more than anything else is less stress and sunlight.

I have have had Crohn’s since 2008, but this is the first year I encountered SD. WebMD and other sites talk about the prevalence of SD in people with IBS/Crohn’s. Don’t quote me, but the statistics are really high, as I seem to recall. Haven’t looked those sites in months since my condition has been gradually improving.

Hi Mark

Stress behind the computer is a bigger SD trigger for me as well.

We should do something about it :slight_smile: I tend to relax the best when being outdoors on my free time.

I think we should try to not sit behind the computer for more than 45 minutes and then take a short brake.

Maybe start some relaxing techniques on and off work.

I find it easy to stay away from sugar, wheat and alcohol, but not the stress. I go to bed early as well.

A short walk during lunch is great thing too.

Best wishes

Håkan in Sweden

Was it a salt water pool? Salt water heals SD. Swimming in the ocean is the best. But even chlorine pools seem to kill it off as well. Sun heals it as well. But it is an internal issue, and is healed by a very clean diet and plenty of movement and exercise. This guy, Rob Stuart, has an awesome youtube channel with lots of good info.

Let me first say that I am not affiliated with or endorsed by skindrone or Biom8 in any way. I am a regular guy with sebhorreic dermatitis on my face. Or rather I was. I bought the smallest bottle of Biom8, used as directed (a thin layer applied to moist skin each night), and my skin has been clear ever since. No joke, no scam - just guilt free, natural skin without steroids or carcinogens. If you are skeptical like I was, do yourself a favor and try the small bottle. Thank you so much!!!

Wait now, you know that palmitoleic acid is lower in the seed oil? Are you not referring to the pulp oil?

hi there, i’m glad that Biom8 works for you!!! I am using it too, cannot tell if it works for me but at least it’s the mildest moisturizer that my sensitive skin can tolerate… everything else irritates it.

I have a question, I really wonder how people with seb derm remove the scaly buildup? I refuse to use any steroid/antifungal topical, but the flaky/scaly skin is still there and I really don’t know what to do with it. And when the scales become thickening I feel Biom8 cannot penetrate through it to moisturize my skin anymore… Please help?


I’ve been using Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted with water) every night before bed and it has greatly reduced the scaly build-up on my face. And then during the day of course, I use Biom8.

Hi Richard,
Sorry for the HUGE delay in getting back to you. The eBook and BIOM8 emails have eaten up practically all of my time and a result the comment cue has been neglected (hoping to stay up to date now).

Not a problem for the tips. Simply add an order note and will replace your cap with Precision Tip instead.
Regarding the Scalp Control formulation, there have been some big setbacks. It was planned to be released a long time ago, but delays in production have really set things back. Hoping to have it released in the next 3-4 weeks time, but can’t say 100%.

Hope that helps and once again sorry for the delay in response.
Wish you all the best.

Hi Håkan,

Hope all is well. Sorry for the huge delay in getting back to your comment.
From the literature, malassezia is the most common fungus which is usually noted as responsible for seborrheic dermatitis. Yet in some individuals, skin biopsies reveal different bacteria/fungus causing symptoms visually identical.
Here are some examples:

Seborrheic dermatitis-like tinea faciei.
Demodex Dermatitis
Hand-Foot Syndrome and Seborrheic Dermatitis-Like Rash Induced by Sunitinib in a Patient With Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma

Additionally, the eBook is making it’s way onto the website. Hoping to have it more open and to really integrate discussion into the concepts.

Hope you are well and your skin keeps improving.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Sanya,

My apologize for not responding sooner The comments here have been neglected in the past months, as most of my time has been going into the eBook and direct email responses.
Hard to say why this is occurring. Many factors may be playing a role. Perhaps you skin simply doesn’t like the oils or the combination with other products changes the outcome.

How have things progressed since your original comment?

Sorry again for the delayed response. For a more immediate response you can use the contact form on the BIOM8 website. But, planning to stay updated on the comments here as well.
Wish you all the best and hope you finally find an suitable approach that calms your skin.

Have an amazing weekend!

I want to ask, how do you deal with SD on the eyelids? I have been using Biom 8 morning and evening for around two and half weeks, but it does not seem to have clearing effect. The scaly patches are still present. What else should I try?

Thank you

How is rosehip oil, jojoba oil or argan oil for seborrheic scalp?
I don´t dare to use it in my face. Oil´s make me break out, sadly :frowning:

Can biom8 be used any kind of eczema/skin problems?