My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen 2.0

I’ve been following this website for quite sometime. I started getting SB when I moved from Texas to Wisconsin. The hot/cold dry air really makes it flare up. I went to a dermatologist, and they prescribed me Ketoconozole and Fluticasone which cleared it up, but the redness is back after I stopped using the two medications.

Right now, I am washing my face twice a day with the Restoraderm Eczema Body Wash which is very gentle then I apply CeraVe moisturizer. It seems to keep the flakiness at bay, but a slight the redness is still there - especially at the corners of my mouth. I recently started using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner to see if that helps overall with the redness.

I don’t want to use the medications because they lose effectiveness over time, and I want to be able to rely on them when I have a bad flare up. I ordered the Biom8 and probiotic spray, and I plan on integrating them into my routine. I will report back in a month or so. Wish me luck!

Hi Brad,

Still got 2-3 months left of a 6 months cure. Up until now it hasnt had any effect on my SD, although your skin get so dry on this drug that it is difficult to really know until i am done with it.

What is has done is significantly reduce my oil skin / the sebum production. I thought SD was fed by the sebum so theoretically it should be reduced……will keep you updated.

No masturbation means no sex too?! О_о

I think my hair loss is linked with my SD somehow.
Eyebrows isn’t affected but zones above my forehead are very affected.

Maybe it’s vitamin D?

Hi, Michael.

I live in Russia, I’m 28 and I have SD.

Maybe I don’t know English well but I’ll try to speak because I need it.

I have SD for a year. It’s on my forehead (the biggest part of SD), my right cheek and maybe its little parts everywhere on my face and right below my ears but they are not visible most of the time.
My SD is followed by a acne everywhere as mentioned above. I haven’t dandruff or same with my scalp except couple of pimples here and there. My SD isn’t dry but very oily. There is nothing about dryness at all, by the way.
I have a hair loss on a forehead and nowhere else (I hope so).
Also, I do not shave the face so the beard and mustache can hide the appearance of the disease. I also have a forelock on my forehead to hide the redness and pimples on it, but with hair loss the situation can get worse and I’ll have to wear a hat always and everywhere in public.

All of the dermatologists prescribes steroid creams for two weeks and then some unsuccessful treatment such as zinc pyrithione and other doubtful meds.

For now I’m using that steroid cream and some of those prescriptions (don’t know why) for about 6-7 months almost without interruption. Every time the first reaction on revocation of steroid cream is rapid redness and progressive acne (sorry, don’t know how to say it).

I hate that acne more than redness and I want to get rid of it before it ruin my marriage, my life, my career and my assurance.

I have just couple of questions to you.

How to cancel use steroid creams right now but before I can get your BIOM8 if it’s possible?

It’s shipping of BIOM8 to Russia is possible?

I want to cancel all of my current “therapy” and start treatment from the beginning but with brand new therapy.

What to use with BIOM8 and how necessary it is?

Google Translate decided to call ‘self-confidence’ as ‘assurance’ so it could sound ambiguously :slight_smile:
However, I don’t want to loose my self-confidence.


It’s hard to find any scientific proof for what Eze is saying.

Not having sex is not the cure for SD.

I hope so )

Lol there’s no scientific proof for anything. I wouldn’t have to theorize and test on myself if any of us could go to a doctor with “scientific proof”.

Sorry but I’m not waiting for “scientific proof” of anything before I start curing my Seb Derm. If I’m going to wait for a double blind clinical trial for our problems we might be dead before that time.

Look, I’m not saying don’t have children because you’re afraid of wasting your seed. All I’m saying as a chronic masturbator my seb derm got worse. I’ve stopped for about 2 weeks now and I’ve noticed improvements. The MSM, Milk thistle, and nofap has been a miracle so far. I haven’t had a flare up in the last two weeks AND I ate a whole bunch of trigger foods including histamines (mushrooms) and spicy foods with high carbs. No flare up.

Just experiment on yourself. I don’t know what works for everybody so I’m trying to be helpful and share my findings.

But by no means is what I’m doing scientific. But I wouldn’t be a fool either and wait around for a scientific journal or a doctor to help you. Because 1) Theres not that much money in seb derm so you aren’t going to get funded research anytime soon and 2) The research they have done has still been inconclusive.

BTW. The MSM and Milk thistle HAVE actually been documented to help Rosacea, which is pretty much exactly the same for many seb derm sufferers.

I understand you Eze. I just want to say that sex is not the cause of SD. It’s something else that is wrong that causes SD to flare up after sex.

I have been reading about the connection between the liver, SD and sex. Maybe the root cause is liver broblems and not sex.

One theory of my own is that men can loose too much zink during sex, since sperm contains zink.

I understand that too much of anything can be bad. So too much sex might be bad also.

I agree that we can’t only act on science. Specially not when dermatologists sais so since they only subscribe steroids and so on.

But there is good science that deals with underlaying issues as well. Like and

Best of wishes Eze

I doubt it’s the Vit D from being in a sunny climate. I have supplemented with Vit D back home in Canada before but never noticed a clear beneficial effect. It could be helpful but maybe not decisively.

On previous visits to Thailand, I did not use sunblock on my face and got lots of sun and had difficulty with my SD. The spicy foods really made it come out worse than ever.

So at this point, the evidence point to the zinc oxide.


I developed SD on my scalp and ears for the first time in my life in December of 2015 and have been struggling to find good information. There are a lot of contradictions out there and my dermatologist prescribed steroids which made my ears bleed. I am very frustrated as this has been going on for months. I see that you say you use the Biom8 on your ears, but I don’t see posts from any other people who have used it in that area. Do you have any feedback from people who use it on the ears?

Thank you for this website.

Hi Donna,

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear that it’s working so well for you.
Admittedly, I’ve been bingeing on quite a bit of sweets and poor dietary choices myself. However, my skin remain SD free as well.

How did it work out for your friend?

All the best!

Hi Nic,

Thanks for the update. Happy to hear that the MSM is working for you.
Unfortunately my results were quite unimpressive.

How have things turned out since?

All the best.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the update.
Hopefully your dryness resolves.

Haven’t had any experience with Accutance myself, however, a friend who tried to cure his acne using this approach had a bunch of complaints. Basically, he informed my that it caused some types of irreversible changes to his skin and made it much more sensitive. In the end he actually reported using Olive Oil to get his skin back to a more health state. And he would literally slather the stuff on his face before bed and use an extra sheet to cover his pillow from getting drenched in oil.

Hope everything improves and your skin stabilizes.
Look forward to any updates. All the best.

Hi Hakan,

Long time no talk.

Strange enough, I also have a chronic sinus issue since I was a child. It stays quite controlled with a good diet, but if I eat poorly I usually get stuffed up.

How has the Clear Skin Program been going for you?
Hope you seem some permanent improvements from it. Best of luck!

Hi Eze,

The masturbation subject can be a little controversial.

My take is that that the state of mind may have a big impact on the outcome in terms of SD. As masturbation in a depressed state may trigger hormonal changes that differ significantly from a more pleasantly excited state (typically how a person feels during the actual act of true fornication with the opposite sex). This is just a theory and I couldn’t really find any research to back it up.

Happy to hear that your skin is improving though. :slight_smile:
Hope that the Biom8 can add the final ingredient your skin needs for complete clearance.

Hope that helps and best of luck mate!

Hi Eze,

Just had another quick question.
How have the results of this 3 simple step solution held up with the passage or time?

Look forward to hearing back.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the update. And yeah I’ve seen this reported by other individuals as well.
The zinc oxide contained in a large number of sun-blocks appears to be quite beneficial for SD.
Some have even reported using a daily moisturizer that that has a mild SPF and getting similar results.

The only downside is that it provides a sort of whitening effect to the skin (at least for some).

Thanks again for the update.
All the best and hope your enjoying Thailand.