Giving nystatin a shot

  1. Just brought some Mycostatin (Nystatin) on line which should arrive within a week. Will post updates on progress. Will be treating my face, scapl and knees. Also seeing the doc tomorrow to get a proper diagnosis as I think I may have 2 different symptoms going on.


Ok so its just been over a month and its been interesting with the results.

I went to the doctor the day after my first post and got it confirmed that it was seb dermatitis on my face and a cross over with psoriasis on the back of my scalp and knees. I had a blood test and the results came 2 days later with my cholesterol up above my average and my liver toxins included. I told the doctor that i was going to see a Naturopathic doctor and wasn’t interested in going down the pharmaceutical route again as it doesn’t work!.

Went and saw the naturopath and basically a long story short, she said my body was full of toxins from my past and needed a cleanse (This was after i had a session where she noted my history and i noted down a weeks worth of eating habits). The new diet plan was a vegan based diet and a detox pack that was to last 6 weeks. A huge shock to the system but i was determine to go through it.

That day i started the diet and it was only 3 days later that the rash began to disappear. Water intake went up from my normal 700mls to 1 litre per day to 2.2ltrs per day! Going to the toilet at least 8 - 10 times per day.

With my skin clearing up im convinced this has all been brought on by my past diet and toxin build up. The ratio of good foods versus bad foods was out and my body basically has been struggling to get the toxins out. It doesnt matter how much cream i through on my face, the bottom line, it was never going to go away! The hardest part is not so much the food, as there are loads more alternative foods today then every before but having a busy lifestyle and having the time to prepare decent meals. It was all to easy to zip down to the bakery and grab something were the good/bad ratio of ingredients are not in your bodies favor. 80/20 is the general rule where you need 80% detoxing foods to battle the 20% fats, alcohol, coffee, sugar and medication products that i was consuming. The other interesting thing to note is how often you go for a poop. If your stomach is functioning properly, they say you should be going after every meal or at least once a day. At the moment im struggling to go every 3rd day so i know my stomach is still not right. To help with this im cold pressing juices and just started drinking prune juice.

Another note, just the other day i started drinking alcohol and added a little bit of gluten back into my diet. One of them or both is having an effect because sure enough the rash came back. I think at some point i will be able to include these back in my diet but for now, i need to work on getting my body to such a level that if i was to consume small amounts, my body is in a better state to process its.

So in summary i would recommend the following based from my experience so far.

1 - Get a blood test to see where you levels are at.

2 - See a natrualpath to get a diet plan

3 - At least look at your ratios of good foods versus bad. 80/20

4 - Drink loads of water per day

5 - Monitor you bodies waste disposal system.


Good luck and i hope this helps :slight_smile:





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Shane thanks for sharing how things unfolded for you.
How have things been going since? Hopefully things subsided further and you’ve been enjoying your summer. :sunny: