7 Tips to Finding Moisturizer That Works for Seborrheic Dermatitis

Hi Susan, I am very interested in your process of using the Kiefer. We have been making Kiefer with whole milk with the understanding that the grains thrive better in whole fat milk. We have had some beneficial results using the kefir as food, but would like to understand better how you use it on your skin. You also mentioned using Apple cider vinegar In a rinse but for dry hair you mentioned a different abbreviation that I’m not familiar with. Could you tell me what that is and how you use it.
Thank you for sharing.

I have had seborrhea dermatitis for most of my life only at the top of my nose down the side and on my chin. It comes with a burning itch which I have been using a fragrance free baby cream which does take the pain away but leaves me withmy skin peeling and looking very dry.I very interested in trying the honey and if that doesn’t work looking at the suggested

How did the honey work?

I have been using vaseline and coconut oit omg i thought it was helping but it’s all over my chest and neck and face and back and little bit on my stomach. Dry flaky itch patch skin and i hate it.

Are you able to let me know if these are safe ingredients for SD? I’m recently diagnosed but have been suffering for a year with horrible facial breakouts. I’m researching new makeup but feel overwhelmed with the ingredient lists. I’m looking into younique pressed powder foundation and primer. I have photos of the ingredient list that I could provide. Thanks so much

Have seborrheic dermititis on face and need a night cream.

Thank you so much!

My seborrhea is worst in a very small area under my right eye, so the honey treatment might be the way to go. But how much honey to how much water? And does the mixture keep?

I have scalp psoriasis and have been suffering over two years. Over the counter shampoos,various oils, prescribed medications and now my doctor is thinking of monthly injections which I refused due to the side effects. What next? I am exhausted! Maybe aloe Vera plant, dead sea salt; I don’t want to feed the malesseza which I think I have been by applying olive oil, coconut oil, aquaphor.Please advise. The stinging and itching is continuous.

Hi Michael, I ordered the Cetaphil Restoraderm on amazon and it’s the “Eczema calming” body moisturizer and body wash—-is this what you use? I want to make sure I’m using the right one! Thanks!

Since exhibiting a sudden rash on my scalp and subsequent horrible pain and tightness in my scalp and now edges of the face, I’ve been struggling with this “eczema” and have used the Dermatologist’s shampoo Ketoconazole and topical Betamethazone for itching. Not too great. I just tried the new Gold


Gold Bond eczema formula had immediate (24 hrs) results. I don”t know if this will continue. But after months of misery, maybe a light at the end of the tunnel.

I plan on a vinegar bath.Had this skin problem for a year +.3 dermatologists. Everything as far as Mds Rx lotions just sting and burn. Even plain water !

I was so happy when I found HoneySkin. It worked very nice for a while, then it didn’t help too much…
I noticed an improvement when I stopped washing my face with tap water, i use filtered water or chamomile tea (room temperature).

Do you have any sunscreen brands that you prefer ?

Does anyone know what essential oils and veggie oils to avoid? My hair has been shedding badly since having SD. But, I do not have it bad, mine is more mild. I have been using a Zinc shampoo and a dead sea salt shampoo. I use only oils on my face other than a green tea moisturizer, I use all natural soaps that are handmade and Phthalate free, I only use essential and Phthalate free fragrance oils mixed with jojoba oil, I use all natural make-up when I actually do use it. I can give you links to everything that I use if you would like.

Glycerin actually makes my seb derm worse. Causes warm flushing and itchiness

Best thing I’ve found is washing my face with a sulphur soap every other evening and moisturise with cerave facial moisturiser pm every night.

Dear Martin,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

Have heard good things about sulphur soap in the past, however, have never actually made the attempt to try it myself.

As for the Cerave, have also heard great things about their formulations as well. My skin didn’t seem to agree though and personally found the comparable Cetaphil products (called Restorderm at that time - they keep changing the name) to be a better fit.

On this front, have found that local pharmacies and dermatology clinics usually carry sample sized products. Allowing people to try out a number of the options without spending a dime.

Thanks again for writing.
Hope your skin continues to improve moving forward.

All the best.

I have very dry skin to begin with, and after I use BIOM8 my skin feels very taut and dry. Would you know why ? I thought oil would make it moist.
Could you recommend a rich facial moisturizer for me? I can’t seem to find RestoraDerm anywhere
Also, has anyone had any luck taking caprylic acid in capsule form?