7 Essential Seborrheic Dermatitis Shampoos Reviewed

My dermatologist advised me Betnovate Lotion to apply on my scalp and it amazingly works within 24 to 48 hours. Also Advanton creame for skin. I never used shampoo for SD treatment.

I have had Dermitits for about two years. I have seen 3 M Ds& two allergy Dr. Never been told to use anything but a cortzone cream. It doesn’t work. The itchy rash has move down my neck and started down upper part of my arm. I use Prednsone for relief. I worry this is going to destroy my bones. I just ordered BIMO8 . I only found out about this last week. THANK YOU JOHN GRIFFIN

Are you still using the Andalou organics shampoo? Recent reviews on Amazon say that the formulation has changed and it now contains more irritating ingredients. I am looking for a super sensitive zinc based shampoo. I have sebopsoriasis that reacts with almost everything that touches it. The only shampoos I can use currently are kerytol pso and body shop ginger scalp remedy. These shampoos don’t prevent the scalp condition from happening, just keep it at Bay. Still having scale buildup, pain and hair loss (breaking at root). Would love to not wash my hair but it gets greasy within one day and if I don’t wash, the build up/hair loss gets out of control.

The safety of these shampoos is a huge issue. The chemicals present, when applied to our skin, may be toxic or carcinogenic. Just because a company makes a product doesn’t mean that it is safe. Regarding the coal tar shampoo T-Gel, I can’t believe that the author would state thus: “Neutrogena and other manufacturers have likely done their duty and conducted a fair amount of safety research (at-least I would hope they have).” Right. Companies with a vested interest in selling us their product would never obfuscate or mislead the public, perform the minimal amount of research required to get a product on the shelf, or downright lie as to the safety of their product.

My point: The descriptions in this list are nothing but one person’s personal experiences with a small dash of research. Use the advice herein with a grain of salt and be wary of the sections describing the safety of these chemical products.


how do u use the lotion? do you put it on before a hair wash or after? whats the process?

Thr first 5 shampoos listed will turn one’s head of hair into a nasty, dried out, broken off mess. All of the ingredients in them are poison for the health of your hair. I have been through most of them and suffered the disastrous results. Please do more research, there are many organic shampoos and scalp treatments which will successfully treat your SD and leave you with your beautiful head of hair.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the problem is not usually well treated from the exterior of the body. According to Chinese medicine, diet plays an important role in controlling seborrheic dermatitis. Foods that produce dampness and heat, such as spicy and greasy foods, sweets, and meats such as lamb, chicken, capon, duck, and shrimp, should be avoided during the course of treatment. Caffeinated beverages and alcohol should also be discontinued or limited. I know this is the hardest part, but will bring the greatest relief.
If you have the opportunity to see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, or acupuncturist, you may find help from a direction you did not expect. I hope this helps! We’re all in this together!

Hi Emily,
Have tried tea tree oil too…just made it worse actually and saw more flakes than ever…they say tea tree oil can cause skin / scalp reactions…

The kerytol psi site doesn’t work right. It cuts off parts of sentences and switches to other products when you’re trying to read. Too messed up to bother with. :frowning:

I will buy head & shoulders today. What helped for your facial skin? I have the red spots by my nostrils, middle of my forehead and chin. I hate it. Thx for all your info!

Can you clarify please: was coal tar shampoo or bar of coal tar soap what you used?

I’ve used just about all the shampoos, prescription and over the counter, mentioned in the article over the years, with mixed results. I finally read some testimonials about Selsun Blue shampoo, extolling the great results. I though this was hard to believe, as this shampoo has been around for many years, and I never heard that it was so effective for Seborrheic Dermatitis. I purchased a bottle and began to use it, with incredible results!!! My face has cleared up, as well as my scalp. I use it every three or four days to maintain the effect. I wish I had known about this treatment many years ago. I’m now 78 years old.

Those organic shampoos & scalp treatment are?

Why does my SD crank up at night? it wakes me up the itching is either so sharp or so strong. Is it my head creating a heat source with the pillow or does the M yeast prefer the dark .

I would like to say sesun blue shampoo works but it made my head burn when I’d put it on not sure what caused this. I recently bought Jason and have used only once but did not have the burning.

After trying every shampoo under the sun (including all that were mentioned in this article), I finally decided to go back to Head and Shoulders (hadn’t used it in about 30 years!) because they have one now that is ok for color treated hair. It is called Head and Shoulders selenium sulfide dandruff & seborrheic dermatitis shampoo clinical strength. I am dandruff free for the first time in years and it does not dry my hair out. It is a weird orange color, but other than that it is fine. You can buy it on Amazon.

I am doing a special diet Natural Prescription for Seborrheic dermatitis
Avoid all sugars and sweets, which promote yeast and make the condition worse. eliminate all foods and beverages that contain yeast such a bread and other baked goods, cheese mushrooms, vinegar, soy sauce fermented condiments such as olives and pickles, as well as all wines and alcoholic drinks Acidophilus one capsule a day

I hope this helps-after coming down with seborrheic dermatitis in the mid 2000’s I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on dermatologists, prescription shampoos, steroid creams and liquid applications, over the counter shampoos, vitamins and minerals(sound familiar)and all these snake oil cures that the dermatologists and shampoo marketing people try to pedal only made the SD condition worse! First of all there is no cure for SD, and second of all, the the so called cures that are pedaled by the shampoo companies take a layer of your skin off and make your scalp extremely sun sensitive(sun burn)and increase the skin cancer risk. You can only try to control the SD condition. After almost 18 years of trail and error the only ritual that works for me is washing my hair daily with Neutrogena transparent facial bar for acne-prone skin followed by CeraVe itch relief moisturizing cream(not the lotion). I can keep the SD at bay with far fewer flare-ups then anything that I have wasted time and money on in the past. Good luck-

You have to be very careful with betnovate,my daughter had this product for treating. eczema and I was told only to put it on her skin sparingly as it thins the skin,I used selsun shampoo for treating my scalp and psorosolv for my face which you cannot buy any of these products now the EU has stopped the sale of psorosolv which was the only thing that worked for me,and the manufacturing of selsun has stopped, I’m at a loss as to what to use now as my scalp and skin are at it’s worst I’ve tried many things over the year’s but these two products only kept my symptoms at bay.

I have itchy red head but no dandruff Dr says I have dermatitis but dandruff shampoos make my head burn more I have tried 7 shampoos and my head is still red and itchy I need help